Conquer your tough times in Boots

Tough times. Rough times.

Pain. Loss. Failure.

For all those times we need resilience, hope and vision to get through. And by walking the uneasy path, the very attributes that brought us through are strengthened.

Boots-Articles aren’t the easy-fun ones – but those that encourage you to push through. To endure. To conquer.


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  • Your ugly ego kills your career
    That young drama student’s statement moved me: If you go on stage to celebrate yourself, your ugly ego shines through and kills your performance. We were sitting next to each other at a concert and chatted during the breaks. She was still in university and not a professional, yet, but from what we had seen … Continue reading “Your ugly ego kills your career”
  • Bitter or better?
    When being disappointed you always have the choice to get bitter or better. All of the shit in your (job) life can either make you a better version of yourself or turn you in a bitter moron who doesn’t understand why people hate being around him/her.
  • Why being UNHAPPY is actually great
    First day of the week. Hitting the office right on time, starting your computer, getting the first cup of coffee, checking your email while trying to enjoy the first zip. The routine is killing you 15minutes into the new working week. And yet, you keep getting back at this desk every day. Emotionless. Unhappy. But … Continue reading “Why being UNHAPPY is actually great”