Unwind in Sneakers

Recharging is key to any successful life. The brain, body and soul need time to unwind. To process all the little things on a daily basis. To get out of the hustle on a day off every week. And for sure to unplug during a longer vacation.

In this section you can read everything about these short escapes and long-term travels.

You might get inspiration for your own sneakers-time.

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  • A pinch of energy
    Use your finest memory to regain strength during the day and relax even under pressure. Get mentally strong to conquer your toughest days.
  • The cycle of success
    Add more components of what you love doing in your workday and your job will become easier. With you feeling lighter and more joyful, your clients and colleagues will be touched, too. This is how you start a positive cycle of success…
  • 3… 2… 1… Reboot.
    Every device needs to reboot every once in a while in order to install all updates and run smoothly afterwards. Same is true for human beings. Whatever your days are filled with – there need to be times when the routine stops and your body, soul and mind can reboot. But how does an update … Read more