• Showing appreciation in virtual teams

    In this podcast you get inspiration on how appreciation is perceived, how it looks like in a virtual team setting and what is relevant when appreciating people. Each section contains a coaching question. Take some time to reflect for yourself, how you want to appreciate your team based on the inout given in this episode.

  • Laugh yourself successful

    Can you remember how you felt after a good laughter with friends and colleagues? The energy provided by a heartful laughter elevates your team and your mood. Especially when working in virtual teams, a common moment of shared laughter can move mountains in a project. In this podcast, you get some ideas what you can do to get into laughing again.

  • Deal with your pain to become a better leader

    This episode encourages you to deal with your inner pain. It also gives you a practical guide on how to walk through emotional difficult times without falling into cynicism or ignorance. As a result, the pain loses its power over you and you don’t even need to avoid the hurtful topic anymore. With this healed heart, you can be a true help for your team members when they need to go through a season of grief.