Tackle your career in Highheels

Have you ever recognized that your attitude changes the moment you get into your highheels?

Your posture changes. Your back straightens. Your chin comes up – and your eyes see the world full of opportunities.

This attitude pushes you out of your comfort zone – and closer to your goals.

In this section you will get inspiration to walk on in your career. To face your biggest fears, target your bravest dreams and walk boldly towards your vision.

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    When it comes down to succeeding in any type of situation, it crucial whether you believe in your abilities or not. What belief is limiting your potential?
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    In the newspaper of last weekend was an interesting cartoon – the hierarchy of needs by Maslow reframed for a classical consulting career. It named this order from bottom upwards: Finalize high class MBA Buy a Porsche Become shareholder of the consulting company Become naming partner of your company Hike Camino de Santiago (and find … Read more
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