Tackle your career in Highheels

Have you ever recognized that your attitude changes the moment you get into your highheels?

Your posture changes. Your back straightens. Your chin comes up – and your eyes see the world full of opportunities.

This attitude pushes you out of your comfort zone – and closer to your goals.

In this section you will get inspiration to walk on in your career. To face your biggest fears, target your bravest dreams and walk boldly towards your vision.

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  • Your list of „Why not“ kills your career
    How do you like people telling you first thing why your ideas and plans won‘t work? While a reality check is quite healthy from time to time, way too often people rather think of „why not“ instead of „how“. I see this daily with my clients and some of my colleagues. Instead of being the … Read more
  • Build the workplace of your dreams
    „You can do this“, a glimpse of encouragement runs through her mind while she is facing her challenge. Despite her fear she lifts her chin and takes the next step. „You can do this“, she recalls the words of her friends and family. Confidence rises. „I can do this“, she speaks out loud and takes … Read more
  • A good leader can admit failure
    People love leaders who bring in their whole self into their leadership role including their flaws and failures – at least when they are capable of admitting them.
  • Why being UNHAPPY is actually great
    First day of the week. Hitting the office right on time, starting your computer, getting the first cup of coffee, checking your email while trying to enjoy the first zip. The routine is killing you 15minutes into the new working week. And yet, you keep getting back at this desk every day. Emotionless. Unhappy. But … Read more
  • How often do I have to call my mentee?
    Ever wondered whether you are a good mentor? Here is an example of becoming the worst mentor possible.
  • I am in the wrong job
    Once you realize you are not happy in your current position, get real and find out what you really want.