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In these articles you will get inspiration to walk on in your career. You will be challenged to face your biggest fears, target your bravest dreams and walk boldly towards your vision. There are nuggets and best practices included that have worked for others, so that you can leverage on the learnings of others.


Recharging is key to any successful life. The brain, body and soul need time to unwind. To process all the little things on a daily basis. To get out of the hustle on a day off every week. And for sure to unplug during a longer vacation. In this section you can read everything about these short escapes and long-term travels. You might get inspiration for your own sneakers-time.


Tough times. Rough times. Pain. Loss. Failure. For all those times we need resilience, hope and vision to get through. And by walking the uneasy path, the very attributes that brought us through are strengthened. Boots-Articles aren’t the easy-fun ones – but those that encourage you to push through. To endure. To conquer. March!