• Deal with your pain to become a better leader

    This episode encourages you to deal with your inner pain. It also gives you a practical guide on how to walk through emotional difficult times without falling into cynicism or ignorance. As a result, the pain loses its power over you and you don’t even need to avoid the hurtful topic anymore. With this healed heart, you can be a true help for your team members when they need to go through a season of grief.

  • Boots

    Grief is a sneaky bitch

    The warmth of the sunlight is touching my face, I can smell the first flowers of the year and the birds are singing a melody of hope. In these moments I believe, I can actually make it. That life has something positive for me that needs to be explored – despite the cold black emptiness within my heart. This icecold horror that nests within my core is a constant reminder that my life as I knew it, is over. Forever. ‘Forever’, echoes the creepy darkness while releasing a good portion of hopelessness. I loved my life. I didn’t want anything to change. All of this happened to me unplanned, unwanted,…