The lies you believe

The grass is greener on the other side” expresses what we often believe – that someone else has a better share in life than we got. When I just recall the talks I had the past weeks…. the university in that other city which managed pandemic-restrictions and classroom-trainings better … that other company that made more deals in these times … that friend who gets better support from the family in caring for the children.

We all have the tendencies to compare – and somehow we manage to always loose within the comparison. We actually find reasons and angles in which the grass on the other side really seems to be greener. And even if these reasoning might be content wise correct, the result is always the same: we feel sad, unequal and disadvantaged.

The opposite of this thinking can be found as often and it goes like this: “every side has its flaws“. Although this mindset seems more balanced, there is still comparison inherent in this thinking. A comparison that takes good and bad into account – but a comparison still.

But what if you were able to only focus on your green side?

Once you realize that you are the master of your green share, you can start investing on your side. Each one of us has a different starting point – and the starting position is not equally distributed. But independent from that fact, you can influence, build and change your green side.

Here are some thoughts how this could look like:

Water your plants with thankfulness

Integrate thankfulness into your daily life. Take a moment in the morning, evening or at a certain moment and just be thankful for what you have. If you really fight with being thankful, take daily notes of what you are thankful for. This could be your home, the warmth of your blanquet, your job, your meal, the text message of a friend. Maybe it sounds silly to you to write these things down. But it will change how you see the world around you. With thankfulness on a daily basis, your life will bloom.

Invest with a long term mindset

Your life – or career – is meant for a whole lot of years. So start investing in long term goals. Even if an educational path takes you five or more years … if that means, you can work over 30 years in the profession you aspire, the walk is worth walking.

If you want to become part of the C-Suite one day, you need to adapt a leadership mindset early on and learn how to overcome obstacles and how to get back up when you fall. The long term goal will help you to get back on track when you walk through tough times.

Decide who has access to your green

Family, friends and our professional network are great – but not every relationship is healthy. Check whom do you allow to enter your garden and how they speak and behave. Learn to communicate what guidelines, mindset and behaviour you want in your life. If you find people in your life who are constantly destroying your garden and who do not accept your communicated boundaries, make a decision if you want to keep that relationship.

This is also true for your professional team at your workplace. As a leader, you set the guidelines for behaviour in your team garden. Hence, you are responsible for giving feedback and keep your garden blooming.

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