When life hits hard: continue to walk

Tears fill his eyes as he remembers last November. Everything had been fine. And then … this incredible sadness took over. Colours faded to grey. His life changed. Noone had died. He still got his job. But the demands of an uncertain pandemic clouded his soul. He recalls how he wasn’t able to smile. Getting ready for work was a challenge. Focussing on important tasks seemed insignificant. Until today, he cannot tell where this episode came from and he doesn’t know when it will end.

It’s a bit frightening that everyone can be hit by a wave of sadness and feeling of meaninglessness at any point in life. Maybe you or your team members are currently in this inner struggle while we are all experiencing this emotionally challenging time. Even if you are in an emotionally high season right now, it is worthwhile getting in touch with the thoughts and stories of people being in the lowlands of life. Now you have the time to soak in all the goodness around you and set up reminders of how beautiful life can be. Collect memories and enjoy each moment.

If you are already in a valley of life, it is a good moment to continue walking. One coping strategy of those times is dwelling on the lowlight moments – increasing the sorrow, pain and fear. As energy is low in those special times, it seems to be a good idea to stay in the moment and not move at all. But instead of resting and recovering, we are losing even more joy and power. Therefore, be encouraged to acknowledge that you are in a difficult time, but reasure yourself that there are good times ahead, too. Work slower, start journaling, take a walk, talk to people – be kind to yourself. But refrain from locking yourself in at home without getting anyone involved. Be reassured: you will make your way through this time. You will laugh again.

If your team member is facing a challenging time due to the working and team situation, give them time for themselves. Encourage them to take walks, disconnect from the work on regular basis and lower the pressure regarding deadlines. We are all human beings – and as team leads we can forster an environment where our people can recover if life hits hard.

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