Doing a career is easy [2/2]

Recap from lasts week article: Promotion means that there are people who put you in new roles you cannot get on your own. These people talk in rooms to which you don’t have access. These people cannot be forced to promote you – but they can be won over so that they want to promote you.

How do you win people over?

Think of the reasons you found for promoting somebody:

  • Is that person well perceived by the client?
  • Does the person deliver high quality?
  • Would people know why to call that person?
  • Is that person integer?
  • Is that person a cheerleader for others?
  • Can I entrust the person with people?

Please remember that a career is done in a context, which means: other people need to be convinced that you fit the promotion standards – not you.

All you can do – and have to do – is, being the best version of yourself. Your behaviour, words, delivery quality make it evident by just working with you that you are ready for a promotion. That includes reducing a lot of the ‚I am so special‘-talk by high quality delivery. Once people have seen of what you are capable they want to promote you to keep you in the company.

Tough truth, right? How do you feel about it?

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