Doing a career is easy [1/2]

“How do I get the promotion?”, it’s THE question in the room – especially in the early stages of a career.

Let me turn it around: whom would you promote?

Think about it for a moment. What would you like to see to promote someone?

Before we get to the answer, let’s explore the habitat of a career. A career is always done in a context. There are clients who need your service. There are bosses who need your integrity. There are middle managers who need your skills. There are your peers who need you as a trustful colleague. And there is you.

You. What do you want?

Being the best? Getting ahead of the group? Being told to be special? Standing out? Being promoted?

Promotion means that there are people who put you in new roles you cannot get on your own. These people talk in rooms to which you don’t have access. These people cannot be forced to promote you – but they can be won over so that they want to promote you.

How do you win people over? [see the new article next monday]

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