Your positive attitude is fake

“Your positivity is fake”, is an accusation that people with a confident mindset might hear regularly. This sentence often comes with the argument that life isn’t always sunny and that the negative aspects need to be named aswell.

But do they?

Is there a global requirement that requests to name all aspects in all situations?

For sure, there are moments of important decisions when all aspects need to be taken into consideration but this is not a general requirement when adressing an issue in the company, project or team. Actually, it is quite hindering when you want to take the next step with your team. As a leader, you have to think first, but once you speak, you get your people moving when expressing confidence, hope and positivity.

Let’s shift the focus from ‘leader of a group’ to ‘leader of your life’. In that sense, everyone is a leader. Hence, you have the responsibility to decide how you want to communicate and act. And that includes your attitude, e.g. towards work and inherent problems.

A change of perspective helps at this point: When do you like to be around people? And which person do you avoid?

Assumably, the naysayers and negative people drain so much energy that you try to avoid them. Although their perception of a situation might be a true description, it is not edifying at all to be around them. (And there is hardly ever a solution in the negativity but mostly complain.)

This leads to a clear question: If you don’t want to be with negative people, why should you be a negative person?

Here is a nugget: Leading your mindset well has an impact on your career (= you getting a promotion to a leadership role). Why? Because people doing a career, e.g. your boss, face limited time and this is when they prioritize the people in their lives – subsequently eliminating the energy drainers. As long as you belong to those energy drainers, they won’t spent time with you and hence, you won’t get the career you aspire.

Now you see, there is a turning point. A positive attitude in every situation is leadership not fake. It is the smile despite the rain because the external factor has lost its power over your internal mindset.

Once you start showing this behaviour at work, leaders will recognize you as one of their flock. And this is when they want to spend time with you which has an impact on your career.

What mindset do you want to articulate?

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