What is your superpower?

Everyone is new to the team. Noone knows each other. And as the intro, each person should name his/her superpower.

Analytical thinking is joined by encouragement as well as positivity and topped with baking or collaboration. This perspective of a team where everyone brings in a strength that results in a multi-power group, resonantes in the participants.

You can see everyone smiling, relaxing and enjoying the moment.

What is your superpower? What do you like to bring to your team? And what is it that others love about you being around?

Take a moment to reflect and explore. It strengthens your self-perception, resilience and mood.

And once you are done with yourself, start asking your team what each one likes to bring to the table. What is unique about them? Maybe there is a chance to ask them in one of your next group meetings.

Remember the superpowers of your team mates and celebrate them when they have contributed in their certain area of strength. Encouragement and appreciation feels so good and they will love to even more contribute to the team.

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