Career (un)planned!?

Talking to business people, you realize quickly that most people have started their careers with some sort of plan. You can see it in their CVs, too: elite university, year abroad, the right internships

But are these colleagues the most inspiring ones?

When I recall the happiest and most inspiring leaders and colleagues, they all had one thing in common: some sort of unpredictability crossed their life that led them to their current position.

They took their chances when they had the option: the musician who went into consulting; the consultant who took a sabbatical and biked through african countries; the doctor who started a career in business coaching.

They all had an unpredictable option which sharpened their personal ‚why‘ in their (professional) life. In consequence, they all know why they are doing what they are doing. And this ‚why‘ can be felt when you interact with them.

They can smile even in unpleasant moments of their job. They enter a room because they want to – and not because they have to. This attitude is one ingredient that we feel is ‚inspiring‘ about people.

So, if you are only running on your plan – even with a decent career outcome – chances are high that you feel unfulfilled. What you need is a bit of unpredictability in your life. Some open doors that are new and vibrant.

Tricky part: even if you want that unpredictability… there is no way to plan for it.

But you can increase chances for the unpredictable to happen: start a new hobby, read new types of books, talk to people you have never talked to before, start a side hustle, go on a sabbatical

Whatever you do: stop planning for once! Let go and enjoy the ride – and when there is a cool option at your doorstep: let it in!

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