What should I do next?

„What should I do next?“, the applicant asks. „What does my CV need?“ Although I highly value that people want to get good degrees and the entry ticket into certain jobs, I am wondering whether these are the wise questions to ask!?

Because ‚your CV‘ is a reflection of your life and the time you spent in certain tasks (job, univeristy, family). And I am wondering whether ‚someone‘ should tell you how to spend your life.

And even if it might be smart to ask good mentors for advice, the question must be asked when you will stop asking ‚what does my CV need‘?

What isn’t transparent to students and young professionals: there is always ‚a step up‘. Always! Even if you are senior manager, vice president or even managing director. If you depend your life on ‚creating a CV that suits the requirements‘, it will basically never stop. You will be driven by demands – and most likely end up in a position that you hate.

So, what is a wise question?

How about: What do you love doing? What is fun to do? When do you feel most fulfilled?

Maybe you will still take the same university classes, internships and jobs – but you will take these with a different mindset. You will love being in the moment! You will enjoy your tasks – even if it gets tough.

And this fun, joy and love for your work will set you apart from the crowd! And all of a sudden people will want to have you in the team – and you are doing a career that you could not have planned for.

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