Consider LOVE in business

That client with all his problems … the colleague who always speaks negative about his job … the back talk about you that kills your mood … the hustle of being successful (somehow) and getting to the next level … that deal that really requires your weekend to work on … – the list is endless. And you know every shade of it.

Memes parodying the extremes of doing a career while every party is filled with the ‘heroic’ stories of self-exploitation. And still, people stay in their careers not really knowing why. Unfortunately, these people become the visionless leaders that every juniors knows and fears.

But how can a different path look like?

Let’s think about love for a moment. When we love someone or something, time doesn’t matter. We just enjoy being in the moment. It is not about reaching a specific result but rather about spending time with people and/or an activity we really enjoy. Life feels easy.

Is this possible in business life?

I believe it is. A very crucial point in reaching this type of work attitude, is your definition of ‘WHY’. Why do you do what you do? As long as you are working for money, your next promotion, power or fame, you will easily be annoyed by all the obstacles coming your way – especially all types of people (clients, colleagues etc.). But once you ‘fall in love’ with what you do, it is way easier to handle negative moments.

How does this love look like? You can love the problems that you solve for your client, the interaction with your colleagues or your client meetings. Find yourself moments that you really cherish and bring your best self in reaching the results. Walk the extra mile, smile when you work with people and surprise your team with bringing in joy and energy. You will soon see how people will play it back to you – and working really will be fun! With such an attitude, you will be standing out from the group and the results in terms of promotion, fame and money will come, too.

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