Your passion is welcome at work

“Are my passions relevant for my job?” “What if Excel isn’t my hobby?” “What does it mean to bring my whole self to my workplace?” Maybe you are familiar with those questions. Since school we get taught that there are topics for which we are graded – and only these topics seem relevant for getting a job. Consequently, we devide our life in school and hobbies – and later in life in work and hobbies.

Unfortunately, during this process we miss to find out which passions actually drive us. We somehow feel unfulfilled in our day-to-day job but we cannot articulate where the reason is. Hence, many people start questioning their lives in their 30s and 40s. For some of them the answer is a radical change in their life. And as these stories are truly fascinating, you will find a lot of books about these life-stories.

Because these stories get the full attention, many people believe that ‘living your passion’ consequently means ‘change your professional life in a radical way’. And as they know that they are dependent on the income, they do not even start thinking about their passions.

But what if living your passion was possible in your current job?

Maybe you love to be a host and create a welcoming atmosphere for guests – why not bringing this part of yourself to your workplace? How could you make your colleagues feel welcomed?

Maybe you like meeting new people. Maybe you like to find unconventional solutions. Maybe you like being active. – How would these passions look like in your job?

Here are some self-coaching questions with which you can get explore your mindset:

  • What are your passions?
  • When do you feel alive?
  • How would your colleagues know you are happy/unhappy?
  • What would change for you / your clients / your colleagues if you integrate your passion in your work?

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